Rah Bon Radis Iranian engineering Co

Rah Bon Radis Iranian Engineering Company؛ Innovation, precision, expertise
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Job opportunities and contact us:

You can contact us by e-mail or contact the management (numbers mentioned) or visit us in person.

Head office: Esfahan, Shamsabadi street, Saba administrative complex, second floor.

Postal code: 8134613157

Phone: 031-32230832

Fax:     031-31313606

Email:   info@radis-co-en.ir

Communication with management:

CEO: Engineer Mohammad Ghadiri                                                  m.ghadiri@radis-co-en.ir

Business Manager: Engineer Ashkan Ishaghi                                     a.ishaghi@radis-co-en.ir

Human Resource Manager: Engineer Ali Shafi                                   a.shafi@radis-co-en.ir

Engineering Manager: Engineer Mahtab Sabouhanian                        m.sabouhanian@radis-co-en.ir

Financial manager: Engineer Danyal Amini                                        d.amini@radis-co-en.ir

Research and Development Manager: Engineer Said Tadayon              s.tadayon@radis-co-en.ir