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Company History

Radis Engineering Group was formed in 2011 with the cooperation of several graduates of Sharif University of Technology and Isfahan University of Technology. In 2015, after the successful implementation of several projects and cooperation with other companies, the group was promoted to Rah Bon Radis Iranian Company (Private Joint-Stock). In 2016, this company became a member of Isfahan Scientific Research Town to join the domain of knowledge-based companies.

By registering several national patents and with a knowledge-based vision, this company has put quality, speed and most importantly the satisfaction of the employer at the top of its work. A strong relationship with the national top level scientific centers, having an experienced, expert and scientific team and trying to use up-to-date and creative management methods, helps us to serve our employers well. Radis is a pioneer in localization, application of new technologies, advanced architectural, constructional and transport design softwares in the field of engineering and management services in Iran.

We try to perform all our ongoing projects with the highest possible quality and constantly create more value for customers, partners, society and other stakeholders.

According to the company's constitution, the company's activities are included: consult, management, design, execution, supervision and participation in construction projects, including: structural, architectural, road construction and traffic, mechanical, retrofitting and production of constructional products.

Farhang Moin(Meaning of Radis): The root of the word Radis comes from the Latin radius word and compass, which Iranian engineers have used for designing for centuries.